The colours of the clouds affect your psyche

The colours of the clouds affect your psycheWe’ve all heard of the phrase ‘blue sky thinking’, but have you ever really considered how the weather can impact on your general psyche?

The impact the sun and clear skies can have on our positive thinking and energy is significant and often shapes the way we feel and embrace life. The summer is coming and it is little wonder why so many thousands refer to the season as their favourite of the year.

Professional psychics are urging positive thinkers to get out there and embrace the outdoors over the coming months, and use their uplifted mood – particularly on the sunny days – to chase their dreams and achieve what they want to this summer.

Darker clouds are often associated with negative thoughts and emotions, but it is important to remember the sunny days and build towards them much like you would your hopes and dreams.


Image Credit: Timothy J Carroll (Flickr)

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