The Correct Way of Using Reiki for Self Healing.

The first thing I would like to say is that Reiki pronounced “ray -kee”, is the true essence of life.

Reiki is within us all the time as it is our life force and also it can surround us all the time for everything that lives, the flowers,the animals, the plants, the sun, the wind and the rain, even the earth that we walk on is a living thing.

If you are like me, and have read lots of books on Reiki and the different forms of reiki, you may have noticed that a lot of people talk about using Reiki for “SELF-HEALING”. This is the essence of the TRUE Way of Reiki, it was originally found to help Japanese soldiers heal their own injuries while they were on the battlefield and it was found to work.

The main difference is that it should be used for your own self healing and balancing of our energy levels and not used for
distance healing unless you have been specifically asked to help someone This is the laws of cause and effect.
A simple way to start Self Healing with Reiki is to tune into your own healing power. Start by setting a time each day, to relax in your own space, your own bedroom or living room. Play some relaxing music, dim the lights, you can have a lovely rose essence in your room and sit upright in a chair or on the edge of your bed and place your hands in the “Gassho”, prayer position. By this I mean the fingers are straight with palms placed together and arms bent at elbows with your hands at your heart position. This position literally “opens”, up your heart to receiving love and light and allows your mind to become focussed in the action of your intention which to : “Self heal”.

You then breath in for a count of 8 , hold our breath for 4 counts and then breath out for a count of 8 counts, ask for the natural Healing light to surround your body

and for the Reiki or Energy to pervade and surround our body. Lie back and ask for any dark areas or heavy areas of your body to be cleansed and harmonised again.
At this stage you can them make the reiki symbols on the palms of your hand or on the roof of your mouth and then ask for the divine energy to enter our body and heal you.

{Imagine of Power symbol with the circular motion going clockwise} Breath calmly, lie back and imagine yourself floating on a cloud of love, this cloud
is pink and it is alive with light and energy. Feel all heaviness leave your body as you float towards this cloud, this cloud will support you in need, it is there as a symbol of love and protection and can be called upon when in need of support or healing or love.
Place the palms of your hands on the top of our head, whilst breathing slowly and naturally, for at least 5 minutes, then move our hands to just above our eyes with your palms towards your face again for 5 minutes, then over your jaw, your neck, your heart with your hands on either side of your chest (do Not face south for the heart exercise) imagine your chest becoming full of beautiful green then pink light, then move to your stomach area for 10 minutes, then your lower groin area with the left hand across the top of your navel area and your right hand downwards to remove any negative energy away from that area , again for 5 minutes.


Then behind your kidney – lower back area , with palms facing your back, and then under your buttocks to energise you again. Finally wiggle your toes, and sit up, cross legged and place each hand on the front of your ankles and then the soles of your feet. Say a little prayer, giving thanks for the relaxation and healing that you have received,then get up slowly, have a drink of tea or water and have something to eat to bring yourself back to your daily world.

Just for today, do not worry, do not anger, be kind to yourself as you are to others and be true to yourself.

Namaste- I honour you as you honour yourself.
“Blessed BE”.


Written Nadia #0606

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