Attuning to You

Intuition NOUN

From late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication) and from Latin (“intueri” meaning ‘consider’)

•…the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

•…a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning

The key to allowing your intuition to come through is to quieten the everyday chatter in your mind. By shifting our focus from the conscious present to our timeless subconscious, we allow our intuition to channel through more clearly.

Our spiritual Higher Selves are more apparent when our physical and mental bodies are cared for.

If we feel physically tired or hungry then our need for rest and nourishment will affect our concentration during readings. This is our physical body’s way of energy replenishment. The first part of learning to recognise our intuition is to learn the language of our physical bodies. Drink when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, cry if you need to, go for a walk if you are restless, have a bath to relax,- these are ways in which our physical body expresses its needs and balances your physical energy flow, through its actions of replenishing and releasing.

Similarly, our mental bodies also need to be harmonised and balanced for Tarot readings. If we are feeling extremely emotional, the emotions can often affect our perception of the cards and we project what we want to see rather than seeing what’s being shown. Negative emotions such as hate, anger, grief, sadness, jealousy are normal human mental states that counter-balance the positive mental states of happiness, love, joy, pride and compassion. Being mentally prepared for Tarot involves being beyond all of these mind-sets so that our emotions do not cloud over our Higher Self. Tarot can be a way to explore emotions, to help you to recognise and understand what you are feeling, but the emotions themselves shouldn’t control the reading.

Using Tarot requires focus and concentration- our everyday selves can distract and disrupt our Higher Selves. If our thoughts are occupied by the schedules, errands, lists and tasks of our everyday life, then this internal mental chatter can detract our present focus away from the reading. Having breaks in concentration during a reading (such as a telephone ringing or a friend dropping by to visit) can interrupt our chain of thought, and if we are deep in our thoughts this can be rather jarring. This is why it is important to have a time and a space for Tarot readings where you can allow your everyday mind to let go and become more receptive to allow your subconscious to flow.

Once our physical and mental bodies are satisfied and balanced, the combination of the harmonious vibrations of our energy strengthens our Higher Self. Our human instincts and impulses do not cloud our spiritual perception. Our intent for the Tarot is charged and cleansed. We become a pure channel with a clear, steady frequency.

Written By Tahlia #0450


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