The magic of Trees explored

If you go down to the woods today…

I adore walking through my small woodland with my faithful wonder-mutt (Charlie) bounding ahead of me, chasing rabbits and squirrels as I drift between the trees wandering along our usual path that takes us around the perimeter of Mousehold Heath. Sometimes I am given gifts from the forest- my eye will catch an interesting stone or a flint arrowhead, sometimes it’s feathers dotted along the path as I walk, sometimes it’s a stick I can’t resist bringing home with me! My treasures from the forest decorate our home altar on the mantelpiece and the sacred space I have on the kitchen windowsill.


The wisdom of trees…
If I’m feeling particularly down in the dumps or feeling generally fed up and frustrated, I make time to get myself out in the woods….nature really is the best therapy! Trees are generally respected and known for their wisdom; the Native Americans, Druids, Hellenic, Pagan and other spiritualities believe that trees are sacred, each having its own spirit and life force that is connected with Mother Nature, Gaia. As an Earth sign (Capricorn) I feel really at home in the forest, being more in tune with the Artemis archetype of my psyche as my hound and I roam the woods, relishing the bliss in our freedom.
Magic of nature..
The following is an “active” meditation guide to connect to the energy of the forest.

It’s fairly easy to tap into the ancient power of tree energy…(the tricky part is to make sure no passers by can disturb you!). It’s particularly empowering and cleansing if you’re in a frantic or not-so-good state of mind as the vibrations of tree spirits are grounding and comforting.

As you walk along in your own local woods, really become aware of your surroundings with all your physical senses….see the colours and shapes of nature….listen to birds singing and leaves rustling…taste the moisture and plant life in the air…..smell the flowers and earth…..feel the solid ground beneath your feet and the breeze blowing…..

In doing this you’re switching your senses on, flexing your conscious awareness to receptivity, tuning in to your surrounding environment- this is the start of activating your psychic senses, awakening your intuition, connecting with Nature and allowing yourself to be open to receive healing energy.

You’ll probably find your walking pace naturally slowing down becoming unhurried. You may even notice your breathing becoming more relaxed as you feel your lungs fill with the fresh, pure air of the forest. (Please note, if you feel dizzy then stop for a moment, sit if you need to and briskly clap your hands/stomp your feet/rub your hands on your legs to become re-centred!)

As you walk along your path in the woods, you might find yourself drawn to a particular tree by admiring its leaves, or noticing a bird or squirrel hiding in the branches,or seeing patterns in the bark, or feeling an instinctive pull towards the wise and ancient tree spirit.

Go to your tree and stand before it, thinking about what is particularly lovely about it. (silently!) Respectfully approach the tree as you step within its energy field, ask the tree spirit to help you. Place the palms of your hands on the tree, feeling the bark underneath your fingers, your feet planted firmly to the ground. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your connections with the earth beneath your feet and the tree before you.
Imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet that reach into the earth, penetrating the rich and warm soil as they grow deeper and deeper into the ground. Visualise your roots making contact with the roots of the tree beneath you. Take a moment to feel this link, appreciating the connections.

You are physically connected to the tree by touching it with your hands and psychically linked to the tree by the roots beneath your feet. Bring your focus to your breath…you breathe out the toxins and carbon dioxide in your body…you breathe in the pure, naturally filtered air… you can breathe the stress out of your mind…you can breathe in the tranquility of the tree….you breathe out worry….you breathe in stillness……….

…….and as you breathe in and out direct any negativity, stress, sorrow, frustration or anger you may be feeling down through your legs, down through your ankles into your feet and feel these unwanted energies gently draining away through your roots. After a few moments, you may notice a subtle, internal shift as your subconscious rebalances itself. You feel safe, strong, anchored with the tree.

Now bring your awareness to your chest, feeling your heart beat naturally, rhythmically. Trees are vital to us individually, to our community, to our country, to our planet, Earth. Trees stabilise and replenish the air in our atmosphere; they have transitional vibrations that enable them to take the toxins and carbon dioxide out of the air and release these as oxygen rich in nutrients, sunshine and the goodness of Earth.

You can sense these qualities of light and peace with each breath you take, and in turn, you send vibrations of love and appreciation from your heart, along your arms down to your your hands and out through your fingertips. Take a few moments to experience this natural circuitry of giving and receiving energies with the tree.

Feel lighter, calm, peaceful as you gently take your palms away from the tree trunk and bring your awareness once again to your roots, gradually unwinding from the tree’s roots as you shorten your psychic roots so that you are now separate from the Earth, yet still in contact with its surface. In your mind, thank the tree spirit for its healing energy and blessings.

Walk with light in your heart.

I hope you like it!

Many thanks & kind regards,

Penny Miracle

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