The Power of Healing by Colour and Crystals.

To link into the Universe is to surround you with colours, healing light and rays of love.

Take a moment to have a look at your most favourite item of clothing, what colour is it? What is your favourite flower and again ask yourself what colour is it?

Our energy or auric field is surrounded by the colours of the rainbow and some forms of illness have been medically proven to improve with the use of coloured rays of light, for example to improve the symptoms of skin tuberculosis. The Blue Ray of Light is the Most Acclaimed Healing ray to remove; evers, depression, insomnia, skin problems, and all dis-ease. Blue colours in the home are great for the kitchen and bathroom as it calms and cleanses your energy field. Lie back and imagine yourself lying on a warm, sandy beach, looking up towards the sky you see the most clear, beautiful light blue sky you have ever seen, immerse yourself in this blue, let the blue light surround your being, breath in and absorb this new, cleansing and energising light.

A good visualisation is to imagine yourself walking in a field surrounded by bluebell flowers, they are beautiful, delicate and brightly coloured smelling wonderful and gently move to the wind, sunlight and rain.
Hold the flower in your hand and immerse yourself in the healing wonders of the colour blue. You can do these exercises with all colours, and as you become more experienced with it, you will also become drawn to particular stones, crystals and jewel stones that are particular colours and have specific healing qualities. Sodalite, blue lace agate and lapis lazuli are wonderful stones for general, healing of dis-ease, to calm infections, your emotions and balance your energies once more.

The colour Gold gives: clarity of thought, a great sense of wisdom, and peace
and helps you like to the infinite knowledge that surrounds us all. It is the colour that also protects you when accomplishing your tasks and enhances your spiritual growth particularly after meditating. The stone pyrite, the metal gold, and the quartz golden quartz or citrines are excellent for this type of healing. Become friends with your stones and colours and make them part of your daily life.

The colour Yellow really benefits the central nervous system, also aids digestion cures skin ailments and can be helpful when toxins are present in the body. Part of mediation can also be visualising, it is a good idea to imagine yourself lying in a field of golden daffodils, breath in this vibrant yellow colour and become relaxed and energised in the knowledge that this colour protects you always. A great stone for this use of mediation is Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Golden quartz, or angel’s hair quartz which helps unblock energy blocks in your body.

The colour Orange is really soothing and helps remove asthma, and breathing problems caused by anxiety. Also really good at energising the body, removing fears and phobias, easing muscle spasms and cramps and reducing all types of inflammations by removing energy blocks in the body and strengthening your stamina and your mind. Visualise holding the most beautiful orange you have ever seen, smell the orange and immerse yourself in that glowing orange light knowing that you are becoming a healing of your own energy by transforming any dark areas into orange glowing light. The best stones to use for meditation are Orange Calcite, Carnelian or Sunstone.

The Pink Ray (this is a deep cerise pink) really helps if you have heart problems, if you are pregnant, if you suffer from sleepless nights or if you are over sensitive and over emotional. It does promote clarity of thought and helps you balance your emotions for day to day relationships. Get a pink light bulb and put it in your bedroom for a relaxing evening, healing session. Visualise the most beautiful pink roses or carnations, smell the flowers, surround yourself with their colours and perfumes knowing that you are loved and safe within this “pink light”. Pink rose quartz is the best stone to use for “self-healing”, and also to empower
yourself again.

The Red Ray is fantastic if you are anaemic, if you have circulatory problems, if you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or if you have severe phobias that you cannot go out. Imagine yourself in a field full of the most beautiful red poppies or roses, watch the flowers sway in the wind and glow brightly in the sun, absorb their colours and energies knowing that you are brave enough to face the world again. The best red stones are rubies, garnets and red jasper.
The Violet or Lilac Ray is wonderful to help cure epilepsy, nervous dis-ease, chronic insomnia, and aids a meditative relaxation. Did you know when Opera singers sing, their own frequency or energy that is produced by their singing produces the most beautiful violet rays of healing light. This is the colour of psychics, and creative people. Immerse yourself in a bowl of violets or irises, and smell their fragrance and light. The best stone to use is amethyst, purple ruby or iolite. Become friends with this stone and use it as a “Dream Crystal”, keep this crystal next to your bed.

The Purple ray is deeper in colour than the violet ray and is used for painful conditions, loss of hearing, senses or smell, mental health and clarity of thought, and all dis-eases. Imagine a protective purple cloak of protection around our shoulders; this colourful cloak is almost alive with Healing Energy. Absorb this energy and become one again, balanced with nature. The best crystal to use is Amethyst.

The Green Ray is the colour of Love. It aids the central nervous system, the heart and the heart’s muscles and strength, also the balancing of blood pressure, blood disorders and main frustrations, anger and anxiety that will not leave your body.
Green is the colour of harmony and should be in your home all around for the bathroom, living room or if use beautiful, leafy green plants to bring harmony to your home. Imagine yourself a child again, free as a bird, rolling down the hills. Surrounded by green grass and the trees, you look to the ground and see a green coloured lake in the distance, getting up you walk slowing to the lake and gently step in the lake and bathe in its beauty, you are whole again and can love again.The best stones to use are malachite, moss agate and emeralds.

Finally, the White Ray is the path to spiritual growth as white light encompasses all the colours of the spectrum. Imagine yourself standing and you are getting closer and closer to a brilliant, crystal white light. As you become closer you here a soft voice saying “bath in this light and become strong and balanced again”.

You understand that you are ready to face the world again, letting the white light turn any heavy or dark areas of your body into love and light again. Slowly, you wiggle your toes, and sit up ready to face the world again. Always eat some toast or a biscuit and have a cup of tea or filtered water after performing this type of healing meditation.

The best white stones to use are white howlite, white or clear quartz and  white topaz. Do not keep topaz or white quartz next to your bed as it can energise you so much that it keeps you awake at night!

In essence we are full of beautiful, coloured light. Next time you see a rainbow, stand and bathe yourself in this wonderful, healing light.

Written by Reader Nadia #0606



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