The History of Palmistry

The lines of your hands can be likened to a ”road map” of your life. For those who have the ability to read the palm, they can read you like an open book. I am particularly interested in the origins due to my ancestry being Roma Gypsy.

The reader can tell you where you have been in the past, where you are in the present and where you are going in the future. They can also tell you what type of person you are and who you have and will become, It can say how your health is now and in the future, the illnesses you already have had how lucky you are in LOVE. Finance and career can be read in the palm. You’re creative and spiritual potential and also what to look out for in the future regarding pitfalls in all areas of your life.

The other names for Palmistry are Chiromancy or chirosophy, reading of character and divination of the future by the interpretation of lines and undulations on the palm of the hand. The origins of palmistry are uncertain, even though some people relate it to the Roma. It could have be ancient India and spread from India where the gypsies originated from. It was probably from their original Indian home that the traditional fortune telling of the Roma was derived. The chiromantic art has been known in China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotia and Egypt and it underwent significant development in ancient Greece.

The fundamentals of a hand (the fingerprints and hand shape) remain fixed throughout life and these may be understood as representing our fundamental drives and genetic predisposition. Learning how to read hands is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and discover more about other people in your life. Your friends, partner and even people you work with.

The three basic areas a palm reader will look for while analysing your hands during a palmistry reading are: Lines- Mounts-Shapes. For females the right hand is what your both with and left is what you have accumulated throughout your life. Males it is the opposite way round. The left hand is what they are born with and the right is what they have accumulated throughout their life. But you can also choose whichever hand is dominant which can be your present/past life hand and the least dominant hand could be your future live hand.

The major lines:

The Heart line: This line can be read either left to right, or right to left, from the little finger to the index finger or vice versa depending on the tradition being followed. It indicates emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression and cardiac health.

The Head Line: This represents a person’s learning style, communication, approach, intellectualism and thirst for knowledge. A Curved line is associated with creativity and spontaneity, while a straight line is linked with practicality and structured approach.

The life line: This begins near to the thumb and travels to the arc towards the wrist It reflects physical health, general well-being and major life changes. The length is not associated with the length of life.

The Fate Line: This is also known as the line of destiny and it indicates the degree to which a person life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control. It begins at the base of the palm.

The significance of the hand shape: Each hand shape is associated with certain traits. The length of the palm is measured from the wrist to the bottom of the finger.

Earth: Broad, square palms and fingers, thick and coarse skin and ruddy colour. The length of the palm equals length of finger. Solid values and energy they can sometimes be stubborn, Practical and responsible sometimes materialistic. Work with their hands and are comfortable with the tangible.

Water: long sometimes oval shape palm, has long and flexible fingers length of the palm equals length of fingers but is less than width across the widest part of the palm Creative heard the saying piano fingers, perceptive and sympathetic. Can be moody, emotional and inhibited. Introverts, do things quietly and intuitively.

Air: square or rectangular palms with long fingers and sometimes protruding knuckles, low set thumbs and dry skin. They are sociable, talkative and witty. They can be shallow at times spiteful and cold. Comfortable with mental and the intangible. Do things in different and radical ways.

Fire: Square or rectangular palm, flushed or pink skin and shorter fingers the length of the palm is greater than length of fingers. They are Spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic, they can however sometimes egotistic, impulsive and insensitive. They are Extroverts meaning they do things boldly and instinctively.

This is fascination subject and it is also another tool for you to use to enhance your psychic awareness and to connect to your intuition.

Thank you

Written by Reader Letitcia 0565

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