The secret of inheriting psychic abilities

FamilyMany psychics talk about inheriting their abilities from great psychic ancestors, or putting their psychic abilities down to being the seventh child of a seventh child or another significant number sequence. Questions arise, however, about generations of non-psychics; were they simply skipped or is there more to it than that?

It is quite clear when someone is a better psychic than other members of the family, measured by their ability to sense the feelings of others, communicate with the dead or give a good online psychic reading.

If we think about it however, we all experience psychic episodes in one form or another. Ever had déjà vu? Or had a feeling that a friend or relative was in trouble, a hunch that turned out to be correct? These are all examples of our innate psychic abilities.

And here is where the answer lies; we all have psychic abilities. These vary in strength however, and what we can inherit is the ability to unlock these powers, something which is in our emotional and psychological make up. Those who do have strong psychic energies will undoubtedly be those who have the ability to harness these powers best.

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