The Summer Solstice- Energising, Enlightenment & Celebrating

In the Northern hemisphere the Summer Solstice will be celebrated this year around Friday 21st June as people come together to rejoice at the height of summer.  There are famous traditional gatherings at Stone Henge and other sacred sites across the country as communities unite to watch the coming dawn, appreciating the amazing powers of the sun. The Summer Solstice is the Longest Day (and subsequently the shortest night!) of the year, where the hours of daylight triumph over the hours of darkness.

It is time to celebrate your achievements so far this year, to make time to do the things that make you happy, to experience the height of Nature, to be sensual, active and draw strength, light and energy from the radiance of the Sun, the central power of our solar system.

A healthy dose of sunlight...

There have been many studies and observations evidencing the results of safe exposure to sunshine as having a powerful positive holistic effect on humans, and it’s no secret about the benefits of being outdoors!

During summer, people generally tend to be more outgoing, happier and healthier, which could be due to the weather being kinder allowing more flexibility in our travels and social life.  With the sun at it’s peak of the year, it is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the seasonal fruits and vegetables of the summer; celebrating the solstice with a picnic or BBQ brings friends and family together under the summer skies!  Use the enlightenment of the sun to let your inner true self shine through and take up opportunities that allow you to meet new people and explore new places.

Harness the warmth and light of the sun to draw confidence and inject a “sunny” outlook on life.  Instead of focusing on the shadowy side of the mistakes you may have made by regretting what has passed, try to see the silver linings and hidden blessings- what did you learn from your situation?  What opportunities unintentionally came about as a result?  Reflect how your learned experiences so far this year will serve you well in the future, and move forwards, enlightened.

Summer Colour Therapy…

You may like to wear and decorate your home with the colours of summer to bring the energies of the solstice into your surroundings:

•gold reflects sunshine and is the colour of prosperity

•natural green shades promote health and growth

•sky blue has calming, cooling effects

•deep red instils warmth, passion and sensuality

•vibrant red is great for energy boosts

•sunset orange stimulates creativity, self-expression and confidence

•the vibrance of yellow is sociability, happiness and friendship

Power in Nature… 

Taking a trip to the beach is well worth the effort-nothing is quite as invigorating as fresh salty sea air and the awe-inspiring expanse of the horizon.  Feel the pull and power of the waves, the ocean is both calming and exhilarating with water being the element of love, emotions and healing.  Feel connected to the sea which covers most of our planet, admire its fluidity, how it flows and changes allowing yourself to feel cleansed of any negative blocks.  Consider the properties of water, the qualities of the element that could heal humanity……how waves do not discriminate what the sea washes over, how the water reflects the light shined onto it, how it reaches out to touch the distant corners of our planet, the patience as the

In the forests, fields and vineyards the buds of nature are showing first signs of flowering into fruits, berries and flowers.  For farmers it is a time of respite between sewing the seeds and gathering harvest.  These signs of growth in the environment reflect the transitions of energy in our own lives; at this point of the year, you should become aware of the effects of any successful New Years resolutions you made, progression and developments beginning to flourish.  Take the time to see the growth of your goals, appreciate and congratulate yourself on your progression through personal projects, and make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labour and be proud of your achievements!

Solstice Magic…

The Summer Solstice is a magic time where the veil between to the Faery Realms is lowered…the presence of the Good Folk, of brownies, sprites, gnomes and nymphs are more noticeable during “in between” times, with fire Salamanders dance in the evening bonfire flames, enjoying singing and dancing as Midsummer Nights Eve marks the turning point of the year when the nights will once again begin to creep in.  You may like to burn some incense in your garden at solstice time to appease these little nature spirits using a blend of rose petals, mugwort, lavender and chamomile or try using warm spiced scents such as amber, cinnamon, ginger or musk for a passionate scented blend in the bedroom.  Leaving small offering of honey or milk in your garden is a human-kind gesture of honouring the Fae Folk and giving nourishment to the wild and nocturnal creatures that dwell in our urban habitat.

Make some time during the Summer Solstice to tend to your garden (the faeries will appreciate this!), or you if you don’t have access to a garden some small indoor plants or starting a herb pot on your kitchen windowsill would be a good alternative to inviting more green natural energy into your life.  The Summer Solstice is also recognised at St Johns Day in some parts of the world, and St Johns Wort is widely used to help to ease the symptoms of depression; it is said that picking a sprig of St Johns Wort at high noon during Solstice time is especially lucky as a natural mood-lifting charm!

Sunflowers have the properties of the sun through the symbology of flower power- the yellow colour represents friendship, sunshine and happiness with the classic tall stalk that grows with our hope and ambition and the delicious seeds a sign of prosperity and reward.  Roses are also special Summer Solstice flowers, with red attracting passion, link for paternal love, and yellow for friendship; you may like to add distilled rose water or sprinkle rose petals in your bath to amplify your sensuality, or try some a rosebud tea brew to increase the powers of your intuitive senses.

Red, orange, yellow and gold crystals are excellent to charge with sunlight for use with crystal healing, meditation or as an energised decorative piece in your home or garden. You can charge a crystal with a Solstice sun energy by placing a crystal on a Southern windowsill at sunrise to absorb the powers of the rising sun, high sun and setting sun; do not retrieve your Solstice stone until after sundown, as to gives the energy time to settle into the crystal-  goldstone and sunstone are particular good crystals to use for this.

Red crystals such as rubies and garnets most effective for stimulating passionate energies when used on the physical Base Chakra. Orange stones such as calcite and carnelian can give inspirational boosts to your creative Sacral Chakra.  Yellow and gold crystals like the sparkling pyrite and bright citrine used with the Solar Plexus Chakra will bring sunny, positive vibrations to your inner Self.  Crystals also make excellent gifts to friends and loved ones, so why not give a little gift of happiness by surprising someone you know with a sun-charged Solstice crystal to bring a little sunshine to their day.

Divination for Summer Solstice…

According to the ancient art of numerology, this year’s Summer Solstice is 6 (2+1+0+6+2+0+1+3= 15, 1+5=6).  Six is a social digit, representing six individuals in a group, or two equal groups when halved, or three pairs.  It is a number of people coming together for a good cause, or working together for positive change.  It is a number of equality and diversity as each single unit contributes to the whole.  Six can also remind us not to let others interfere with our responsibilities or make decisions for us.

In Astrology the Summer Solstice empowers Gemini (21st May-20th June) and Cancer (21st June- 22nd July) zodiac signs.  Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is the most sociable of the astrological signs so any parties hosted by Gemini, a sign of people who thrive in social interaction will be full of fun and celebration.  Those who fall under the sign of the Crab, Cancer, are in touch with their emotions and will be full of enlightenment, making trusted Cancerian friends particularly sought out for their advise and good council.

The cards associated with the Summer solstice in Tarot are The Sun and Strength.  These Major Arcana cards signify drawing energy from the Sun and looking outside ourselves, to people we love and to the stars, for support and inspiration.  The Sun card indicates a time to play and enjoy life, happy and prospective times.  Strength shows the support of the relationships we have in our loves- who do you trust?  Who makes you laugh on the days you find it hard to smile?  Who supports you in times of need?

Divination and psychic energies around the time of the Summer Solstice are empowered by the radiance and glory of the Sun, with positive and inspiring messages are passed through the thinning veil of the Faery World.  This Summer Solstice is an opportune time to consider your priorities and aspiration growth, to reflect on what we personally radiate to those around us, and to gain insight into our social relationships.

Written by Tahlia  Agent code 0450

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