Will I ever meet my soul mate?

Soul Mate Psychic FutureOne of the most frequent questions I am asked during tarot readings is do soul mates really exist? If so, how can I find mine?

The soul, unlike the heart, is invisible and is one of the unfathomable mysteries of life. It is source of our eternal spiritual energy.  In everyone’s soul there is a genetic longing for a partner who is a mirror image of ourselves with whom we can bond spiritually as well as physically to form one inseparable whole. We all dream of encountering the perfect mate who will magically transform our lives and love us unconditionally.

Do soul mates exist?  Most certainly they do. Natural law indicates that what we long for must exist, even if we have no knowledge of it. So how do we go about finding our soul mate? The answer is that we have to get out into the world and make friends, and create opportunities to allow our soul mate to make contact with us. You are unlikely to find your soul mate if you spend your free time sitting on the sofa watching television.  Remember, if Cinderella hadn’t gone to the ball she wouldn’t have met Prince Charming!

And don’t believe the myth that there is only one soul mate for you; we all have many soul mates out there, not just one, some of which we have met and bonded with in previous lives.

Please note — if you are serious about wishing to attract a soul mate, there is one thing you must do before projecting your wish out into the universe, and that is to ensure that your soul is rich with warmth, empathy and sincerity. If it is not, then set to work today and make it so. A large bank balance or designer clothes may attract a lover, but it will not attract a soul mate. A meeting of souls can only be achieved, like for like.

And please, don’t be in too much of a rush. Destiny has its own rhythm and moves at its own pace. You cannot make the river of life flow faster. Believe that unbeknown to you, somewhere in the world, is a soul mate – your soul mate, wishing the same wish as you are. Wish together and fate will set your feet upon the pathway which will eventually lead to a meeting. Remain positive, in the expectation that your soul mate will appear, thus invoking occult law.Have patience and wait gracefully, allowing events to unfold while your soul mate travels towards you on the path of life; the wait, I promise you, is worth it.

Azara is an experienced Tarot Card reader who has for many years guided people spiritually around their problems.


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