The telepathic bond between mother and child

The telepathic bond between mother and childAlthough telepathy is often linked to the skilled mediums who provide online psychic readings, we can sometimes come across telepathy more often than we think. For instance, when it comes to the relationship between mothers and children, there is often a strong telepathic link between the pair.

Some believe that a special and powerful bond is created when a woman carries a child, but this is also found between parents with adopted children; the key foundation behind this bond is love and the desire to protect the child.

Emotional telepathy from mother to child often falls under the term “mother’s intuition”, whereby a mother will instinctively know if her child is in distress or pain without needing any physical interaction to come to this conclusion. Often the connection works both ways, and a child can respond to unspoken thoughts and feelings that the parent is subconsciously giving off.

Why not speak to your mother or child today and help nurture this powerful bond?

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