TOWIE stars suspended from show for fighting

TOWIE stars suspended from show for fightingLucy Mecklenburgh and Jessica Wright have been suspended from TOWIE following a fight with fellow cast member Jasmin Walia.

The scrap took place at James ‘Arg’ Argent’s house while he was hosting a party and is thought to have been over Lucy’s ex Mario Falcone.

Whilst fights are commonplace on TOWIE, this one went further than anybody was expecting and the producers have decided to cut the footage from the show. Jasmin was seen leaving Arg’s place with two big bandages on her arm.

With the numerous love triangles, broken relationships and backstabbing that takes place on TOWIE, it’s no wonder that tempers often run hot. It’s the sort of situation that could be helped a lot by a psychic or tarot reading, allowing everyone to get a better perspective on the matter. However, if they all got on it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining!


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