Two ways to put up a psychic protection barrier

Two ways to put up a psychic protection barrierPsychic protection can help you feel upbeat and energised throughout the day as well as during a psychic reading, and enable you to focus your creative and psychic abilities.

The key to the top two methods of setting up a psychic barrier is to use visualisation. Firstly comes the psychic shield. To create this, visualise a bright, white ball of light, and as the picture becomes clearer also increase the size of it until it is as big as your body. Allow the ball to move towards you until you are encompassed by the light. Do this at the beginning of each day and return to this in times of stress.

Secondly, there is the burning flame. This is good for the end of the day as it can help you get rid of any negative energy that you may have picked up during the day. Empty your mind and visualise a burning flame. Allow it to grow stronger and bigger before absorbing it into your third eye, and then allow the warmth and positivity of the flame to course throughout your entire body.


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