Understanding the warnings from the Tower and the Devil

Understanding the warnings from the Tower and the DevilThose who look to an online tarot reading for answers are often presented with just that; however, it is more often the case that we want to hear good news rather than bad news. Despite this desire, it is important to realise the true meanings behind cards that we see as negative, and to take this as a warning or advice.

Two cards that are often dreaded by seekers are the Tower and the Devil. It is important to remember that they are not ‘bad’ cards; rather they are there because an important message needs to be communicated. The Tower is often associated with death and destruction; however, the most frequent meaning of this card is that a situation, idea or way of life is coming to an end. It is important to focus on the idea that there will soon be the beginning of something new.

The second card that seems to inspire fear easily is the Devil. The association with Satan and Hell should not be taken as a literal interpretation. The Devil card suggests that the seeker will soon be tempted by something that could do them harm in the future, and this warning should help with the identification and subsequent rejection of the temptation.


Image Credit: Limeryk (flickr.com)

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