Understanding your inner Intuition and Aura

Aura handsWe all have a sixth sense and by unlocking your sixth sense, you can become your own protector and personal adviser. You will listen to yourself before you do anything, and your mind and body will give you the answer or show you how to protect yourself. Listening to your intuition will save your life.

Most people have had experiences such as walking into a place where there has been a disturbance, the atmosphere seems charged, and you feel the need to leave. This is not as difficult to explain as you might think. Every fuelled situation leaves an emotional trail of energy, and we instinctively tune in to that frequency.


It is up to you to pay attention to this warning. An uncomfortable emotional feeling is similar to an alarm, yet through our own ignorance, we would rather ignore it for fear of feeling week.

We all have an Aura

Everyone has an Auric field, and the attributes of this field are obvious from a spiritual and psychic point of view. This energy field surrounds your physical being in every way. Within this field is every thought and emotion your body exudes, the blueprint of your life-plan for past, present and future. Its colours change with different emotions or physical expressions.

Understanding how fear or negative energy reacts within the aura is the first step in learning to defend yourself utilizing your sixth sense. Aggression, like any emotional thought form, shows itself within the aura and can be an early warning signal to imminent violence. If you can pick up this negative emotional energy, then you can take the necessary precautions to remove yourself from the vicinity of danger.

By simply noticing the thoughts and allowing them to leave our mind in a loving manner, we gain control of the emotional field that surrounds us and we gain control of our fears. To remain positive in the face of adversity shows us that we do not need to allow negative emotion to control our life.

Strengthening the aura

Remember the stronger the energy surrounding you, the stronger you will be in securing your environment – helping you to heighten your awareness to protect all that you have in mind, body and spirit. By visualizing and believing in what you are doing, you will succeed in strengthening all levels of your Auric field.

Visualize yourself inside a bubble of white light. To increase this light, you must breathe in deeply asking for the universe to cleanse your aura. As you breathe out, use your intention to release any negativity that is within you or surrounds you, and send it back to the universe for transmuting to positive energy. As you breathe out, you will note the white energy filling your aura and making it strong and impenetrable.

Certain crystals can be used to increase the strength in the aura and to repel negative vibrations that may be trying to permeate your Auric field. Crystals have a vibration all of their own and exude positive vibrations each on a varying frequency. These frequencies can either attract or deter negativity. A good crystal to use for this is Black Tourmaline.
You have to have belief in your ability and in yourself. Believe that you can make yourself safe and you will.

When you are positive and have positive affirmations, the effect is also positive on your Auric field. Your aura becomes vibrant in colour, the aura is charged with positive energy – with thought forms that are in vibrational harmony with your affirmations, and as that change is manifested, you will find that your vibration matches that of your conscious thought-process, following the law of attraction.

Walk tall. Keep your head held high, look as if you have a purpose and know where you are and where you are going.


image credit: Flickr.com Spirt-Fire

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