Using astrology to help you make career decisions

Using astrology to help you make career decisionsWhen it comes to making big decisions about your career, many will choose to seek the guidance of a psychic reading. Knowing which planet rules your astrological sign of the Zodiac can help you remember the roots of your personality, which in turn will give you an insightful starting point before picking up the phone to talk to a psychic.

Mars – associated with aggression and assertiveness. Suited towards careers in the military, police or fire brigade.

Jupiter – represents career paths that are ultimately spiritual or practical, a poet or an entrepreneur, for instance.

Saturn – ruling planet of those who aren’t afraid of hard work, these dedicated workers have ambition and dedication.

Mercury – associated with strong communicative abilities, these people make good auditors and journalists.

Venus – represents love, beauty and the voice, leading many to careers in music or modelling industries.

Neptune – associated with inspiration and illusion. These people are drawn towards careers as graphic designers, artists or architects.

Uranus – independent leaders rather than worker bees, these people tend to look for jobs which allow them to work at their own pace, such as a scientific researcher job.

The Moon – associated with bringing out strong emotional qualities within people, these people often work within the arts as directors or actors.


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