When is the perfect time to get Tarot Love Reading?

Valentines Day Is the time of the year when love is most certainly in the air, this makes it one of the most perfect times to have a look at what your love life holds for you.


Tarot love readings are my speciality and I have helped so many people through relationship issues.  I have even helped people to find their soul mate and given a detailed description of who they are.

Many people come to me when they experience a setback in the relationship or they simply don’t understand why things are not happening for them.


Whatever their question I can work with my spirit guides and the tarot cards to make the most of the tarot love readings.


When I am using pure clairvoyance love readings rather than tarot love readings I am often shown scenes and symbols which can tell me a lot about what is going on.


I will give an example of a lady who asked me whether her lover was going to come back to her.  I was shown a scene of a man who had crossed water, the water is symbolic of the emotions and he was now on dry land.  He was then stood still looking at where he had come from and was considering going back again.


I told the lady that he was in a state of review and he had not completely walked away from the relationship.  I also saw that he could not see anyone waiting for him on the other side of the water, and I told the lady to let him know that she will wait for him and set a deadline.


When I do Tarot Love Readings I use my Tarot Cards to bring any messages to you about your soul mate and this includes who they are and where you are likely to find them.  Tarot Love Readings are very popular most people want to know about their love life and Tarot Love Readings bring so much comfort to those who have suffered a broken relationship.


The Soul Mate Tarot spread can give you insight into your relationship and the dynamics within that relationship.  There are three pairs of cards that form the centre of the reading.  The first two cards look at the emotional aspects and relays the feelings that you and your partner have about the relationship.  This could include your hopes and dreams and any obstacles that you are experiencing such as an emotional block between you.


The second pair of cards shows what your partner may think of you, as well as bringing to light any obstacles that restrict the potential to be happy in the relationship.


The third pair is concerned with your partner’s expectations of the relationship.  There are six cards which are preceded by your Signification dealt first and this card indicates the present situation and then there is the Soul Mate card.  This card will give you insight into your soul mate and tell you who they are and where you should look for them.  As you read the rest of the cards in the spread you will uncover hidden messages in that card.


After your love reading this Valentines Day spend some time appreciating the magic in the air, mediation can help us connect to the love energy that is surrounding us at this period.


Enjoy your Day filled with magic for what is to come.

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