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Crystals are treasures of the Earth and come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. For centuries cultures around the world have used the power of crystals for healing, empowering, cleansing, protection and to enhance ritual magic.




Amethyst is a crystal of spirituality. Amethyst can be used to relieve headaches, migraines, stress and pain. It is a calming, soothing stone giving the user strength and psychic protection from negativity. This crystal can be used to alleviate stress as its energies break down and disperse clusters of tension. It transforms anxieties into more positive thoughts helping to gain a calm, hopeful state of mind. Amethyst is an effective crystal for meditation and dreaming. It creates a protective shield around me that neutralises surrounding energies and banishes negative influences, particularly useful in guarding a dreamer from nightmares. This crystal can help to quiet the chatter and concerns of the “every day” mind to better allow the subconscious to flow when used on brow chakra.

Aventurine is generally used on the heart chakra. It has a soft vibration and a gentle energy; frees and uplifts.It has a calming effect on extreme emotions and can restore balance to make over-whelming feelings more manageable. Aventurine is a gentle neutraliser of aggressive energy and has a soothing effect on anxiety. Aventurine feels very healing, encouraging self-growth and strengthening morals.

Warm, vibrant energy, connects with natural seasons and cycles. Gives courage and kindness, supports rebirth and regeneration. Carnelian vibrations have a strong, steady pulsing energy. It helps one feel more sure of oneself, more steady and grounded. I would Most healers use carnelian on the base chakra. It is a useful stone for regaining strength and replenishing energy if you feel physically or mentally drained.

Citrine is a warm, vibrant stone, used for its revitalising energies, gives hope and love of life. This crystal can be used for helping to treat blood complaints, such as slow circulation, by warming and stimulating the blood stream. Mainly used on soar plexus and sacral chakras. This crystal enhances confidence and self-esteem. This crystal can be very energising and bright. Citrine has positive vibrations of energy to help attain a sunny outlook on life and enhance feelings of happiness. It can be used to help combat depression by lifting low moods and giving a boost to motivation. Citrine also promotes creativity and encourages self-expression.

Fluorite is the stone of wisdom and intelligence, bringing insight and order, radiating with the joy of knowledge. Fluorite had a cooling energy, helping to bring focus and bring organisation. This crystal can bring clarification and insight in times of confusion, helping people to think about their choices to make an informed decision. Fluorite is a particularly useful stone for students or anyone focusing on academic projects as it aids concentration and sharpens mental abilities. It helps learners block out distracting outside influences as well as opening the mind to a more receptive state to process and retain new knowledge.

Vibrations of the crystal encourage joy in everyday life. Used in Spell-craft, for luck and prosperity spells. Resists bullying, feel good about self. Revitalises spleen. Helps you to keeps focus in the present. Pyrite to be radiating a warm, sparkling golden energy. It feels replenishing on a holistic level by providing physical energy, uplifting mood and restoring hope. Meditate with this crystal and you may begin to feel very fortunate, smiling in reflection and counting the blessings in your life, taking a few moments to truly appreciate how lucky you are, by wishing good fortune and happiness to others.

Turquoise is said to be the stone of truth and harmony. The Native Americans used this as a coming of age stone for adolescents. Turquoise has a light energy and is effective with the throat and brow chakras. Used on the brow chakra, it could assist inner-clarity for seeking the truth within. Turquoise also encourages the truth to shine and it can help people to voice their emotions and to be honest with their feelings. It can give courage to those who speak honestly. If you are finding it difficult to put your feelings into words, turquoise energy gives you inspiration to express yourself.



Written by Tahlia 0450

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