What did the Beckhams Have Beneath the Tree?

What did the Beckhams Have Beneath the Tree?Victoria Beckham could be unwrapping a pair of exquisite silk pyjamas when she wakes up tomorrow morning, courtesy of David Beckham. The star footballer is rumoured to have splashed out on two pairs of silk pyjamas from Harrods, inspired by 1920s Coco Chanel loungewear and available from just six stores on the planet.

The pyjamas could have cost anywhere from £300 up to about £700, and with the Beckham’s it’s likely to be the higher figure, but it’s clearly a thoughtful present and one that will no doubt be appreciated by Victoria. They might even be a matching pair, one for him and one for her, showing how close the couple still are after all these years of marriage.

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Image Credit: jingdianmeinv3 (Flickr.com)

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