What do we have Past Life Angels for?

angelPast Life Angels have been with us since our souls first began to take shape, but not all of us know that they are there. Everyone has heard of a Guardian Angel, but what exactly is a Past Life Angel?

This kind of angel follows our soul, whereas Guardian Angels follow our bodies. The Past Life Angel is with us ‘in-between lives’, the period between death and rebirth. During that time, our soul and the Past Life Angel discuss the achievements made in the previous life, and what we should attempt to do in the next life to continue to better our souls.

The process of being reborn fractures mind from soul, and the Past Life Angel is there to remind us of the commitments we made in the ‘in-between lives’ period. They have various ways of reminding us and communicating with us, such as through dreams, depression, relationship problems, an online psychic reading and phobias.

All we have to do is pay attention to the signs that the Past Life Angels are communicating with us and use these signs to guide us to leading a better life for our souls.

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