What is the Evil Eye?

What is the Evil EyeMany symbols are seen during a love psychic reading, and the Evil Eye is sometimes one of them. Although many of us feel that it is a negative symbol, the truth is that not all of us know much about it. It was first recorded in carvings dating back to 5,000 years ago, but what does it mean for us today?

It is thought that the Evil Eye is linked to the Third Eye. The Third Eye is seen as the psychic gateway to the spiritual universe and is something that psychics possess. The idea of it being negative came from people who believed that people could channel negative psychic energies into causing harm to others.

Today, psychics have said that the Evil Eye could ‘possibly’ be real, but it is much more likely that we are picking up on someone’s negative psychic energy than experiencing the effects of someone using the Evil Eye. All of us are sensitive to negative psychic energy, normally in the form of a subtle feeling that someone does not like you, but one particular manifestation of this negative energy is via aggressive and continual staring. In this sense, then, the Evil Eye does exist.


Image Credit: Carly & Art (flickr.com)

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