What Is Psychic Dependency?

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Psychic dependency is an unhealthy habit that is very easy to develop. Insightful psychic readings can become an addictive experience, particularly when you are seeing little positive progress in your personal life. Our fast paced lifestyle further fuses our desire to seek an immediate quick ‘fix’ whenever possible, and easily accessible psychic readings easily feed this vicious appetite.

Common Signs of Psychic Dependency

  • You have had more than 2 readings in the last week about the same issue
  • You have tried out ‘psychic hopping’ – this is when you call a second, third, or more readers because you didn’t like what were told
  • You have multiple psychic readings and always ask the same questions
  • You have made an ‘emergency’ call to a psychic
  • You contact psychics on a whim because you can’t wait for a natural outcome
  • Your credit card bill features multiple psychic reading fees

Why Psychic Dependency Happens

Psychic dependency can happen to anyone, but it is more likely to affect someone who feels disempowered, vulnerable or overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Sometimes we don’t know what to do or where to turn to for help, and need guidance in making decisions and choices. If you are addicted to psychic readings and are experiencing psychic dependency, it is important that you think about the root cause of this habit, so that you can resolve the issue.

Although intuitive psychic guidance can be helpful, relying on this source of information for all your decisions is not a healthy option. Many people naturally feel that not knowing the outcome to a crisis situation is difficult to handle, and therefore seek psychic advice about potential outcomes. It is natural to want to be emotionally prepared for whatever outcome is heading your way. Unfortunately, psychic readers do not know everything, and may be limited in the insight that they are realistically able to give you.

How To Take Back Control

Deciding to take back full control of your life is the first step to breaking your psychic dependency. These helpful practical tips with help you get started.

  • Resist the urge to consult a psychic reader by distracting yourself with an activity that you enjoy.
  • Quiet your mind with relaxing meditation. Regular daily practice will help you to tune into your own inner knowing and intuition.
  • Set an intention to not have a psychic reading for the next month. Set an initial challenge that eases you out of your comfort zone without being too difficult to achieve.
  • Instead of consulting a psychic reader talk to a friend, family member, or to a trained counsellor.
  • Make a list of all the things you can enjoy using the money you have saved from your psychic dependency habit. You will soon begin to appreciate things that you are presently missing out on.
  • Detach yourself from the situation by writing down your thoughts and feelings on why you rely on psychic support. When you see the answers written down in black and white it will be easier for you to handle and take control of.




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