Why do we see clairvoyant images

Why do we see clairvoyant imagesClairvoyant images appear to many of us at some point in our lives, often after undertaking a particularly spiritual activity, such as after a tarot reading. Sometimes when we see images clairvoyantly, it is important to be able to identify if it is meant for you or not.

When you see an image, the first thing you need to do is think about whether or not you have done something spiritual recently, as spiritual encounters help you open up your third eye. Unless you have trained your third eye to open and close at will, you will tend to find that random clairvoyant images will appear to you.

If you think that you may have seen a clairvoyant image that could be meaningful for you, take a few deep breaths and use the inner voice inside your mind to ask what the meaning of the image is. Keep the question in mind for a while, and if it is meant for you then a message will become clear.


Image Credit: Crunchy Footsteps (flickr.com)

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