1-2-1 Tarot Tales

Tarot is a practical, useful tool that can be used to gain better understanding, insightful knowledge and clarity on all manner of personal things. The deck of 78 cards contains 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards that are used to identify specific meanings in relation to the imagery on the individual cards and the position of the cards within the tarot spread. Once your energy is absorbed by or transferred to the cards by a tarot reader information and guidance can be relayed.

Traditional 1-2-1 Tarot Interpretations

Tarot is a popular divination method that is used to explore potential and possible outcomes. In a 1-2-1 setting the querent – this is the name used to describe the person for whom the reading is for – asks the tarot reader to spread the selected tarot cards, and to arrange in a specific manner in order to identify meaning and provide guidance.

Divination is about more than simply predicting future events. To fully appreciate the value of a spiritual reading it is important to keep an open mind and to take notice of the information being given to the querent through the cards. If you simply want a quick answer to a question, especially regarding the potential of a relationship, you will simply miss valuable insight that helps you gain a better understanding of your self and purpose. Tarot is about more than identifying if you are likely to meet Mr Right on Friday night.

Alternative Ways to use 1-2-1 Tarot

Morning Guidance

Daily guidance using information given via a single tarot card is a useful guidance method that helps you identify key issues in the moment. Asking a psychic reader to select your random card and to interpret the precise meaning also gives you the added benefit of receiving information and advice that comes from the spiritual realm, via your guides. A daily tarot card read in the morning will set you up for the day.

Personal Development

Tarot is perfect for finding insight into your life, career and relationships. As a personal development tool a 1-2-1 tarot reading can help you discover the easiest path for progressing through life’s challenges and opening up your own personal awareness. Spiritual development naturally opens up once you reach a certain level in your own awareness of self. A spiritual reader can work with you in developing awareness and a deeper understanding of spirituality and all of its complex wonders.

Creating a Tarot Profile

A tarot profile is a compilation of information gathered together through interpretation of tarot cards, readings with psychic readers and personal exploration. A spiritual reader can also help you gain insight using other spiritual tools like numerology, soul reading and past life experience so that you can create an accurate and detailed profile of your life’s journey.

How to get the most from a 1-2-1 reading

Keeping an open mind, when speaking with a tarot reader, will help you gain clarity that is not influenced by your hope for a specific outcome. The truth that is interpreted in the cards is what will help you make positive progress.



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