911 Star Lee Brennan Reveals String of Famous Dates

911 Star Lee Brennan Reveals String of Famous DatesThe 911 star Lee Brennan recently revealed he’d had a string of relationships with high-profile women at the height of his career, including Emma Bunton and Gail Porter.

The British singer, who’s currently appearing in the ITV2 show ‘The Big Reunion’, talked candidly about his relationships over the years, many of which had to be kept secret from the fans. His whirlwind relationship with Emma Bunton proved to be one of the most memorable for him, with a romantic New Year break inIrelandback in 1997 complete with moonlit walks.

Lee didn’t settle down until 2000 however, when he married fellow pop star Lindsay Armaou, from the band B*Witched, a relationship which, unfortunately, resulted in a split in 2010.

Lee’s stories of past relationships show just how rocky finding the right partner can be; if you’re looking for a little assurance and friendly relationship advice, why not consider a free psychic reading to provide you with an insight into what you really need?


Image Credit: arjanwrites (flickr.com)

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