An introduction to crystal reading

BaritePsychics use many tools to perform readings for others, and using crystals is just one of them. Knowing more about a psychic method can help make sure you are choosing the right method for you, so here is a short introduction to crystal reading.

Firstly, there are two main approaches: scrying and lithomancy. Both are ancient practices and, because of this, some are sceptical as to its uses in the modern day. However, they are still frequently used by mediums who can provide an online psychic reading and should not be discredited.

Scrying involves the medium gazing at a translucent, reflective surface which aids the gazer into entering a trance-like state. This helps to free the subconscious and, much like with using tarot cards, abstract thoughts, images and sensations are built up from what the subconscious projects, free to be read by the reader.

Lithomancy is generally considered to be the casting of stones or crystals to divine future events. The psychic then uses their intuitive abilities to identify the patterns between the stones, as well as the shape that it is cast into, divining events, people and energies that could impact on the seeker’s life.


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