An introduction to out-of-body experiences

An introduction to out-of-body experiencesSkilled clairvoyants who are known for providing a helpful psychic reading for others are often said to also have out of body experiences from time to time. This is relatively uncharted area for many, so here is a short introduction to the subject so that it won’t catch you by surprise if you see it happen.

There are a few different kinds of out-of-body experience, and the most well-known is astral projection, where the astral body leaves the physical body to travel through different dimensions and environments.

The projection of this astral body occurs when the person in question achieves a trance-like state and the physical shell and astral body separate into two different entities. The astral body can then travel at will through other dimensions and experience a range of sights and sounds that the psychic can use in their psychic readings, or just for a short break away from a hectic lifestyle.


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