The meaning of The Star, a Major Arcana card

Tarot -TheStarIt is useful to go into a love tarot reading with a general idea of what some of the tarot cards mean, so here is a short introduction to the Star, a Major Arcana card.

When we think of stars, we think of aiming high and achieving our dreams, and this is what The Star represents in general. It is one of the most positive cards in a tarot deck and has a huge influence on any reading, representing inspiration, discovery and new hope.

Concerning romantic matters, The Star foreshadows a time of excitement ahead and good fortune in love. If The Lovers is drawn as well, this signifies the possibility of finding ‘the one’ soon.

If reversed, The Star is still positive, but it may suggest that the seeker does not want to trust their inner feelings. As tarot readings are all about getting to the bottom of how the seeker really feels, this card can be particularly helpful in pointing the seeker towards how a tarot reading can help in the first place. In the reversed situation, it suggests that an anxious person should make a special effort to grasp every opportunity firmly.

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