Are tarot readings more accurate online?

people onlineOnline tarot readings are becoming increasingly popular thanks to how easy it is to access the internet nowadays and because we often feel most calm and clear headed in the comfort of our own home, but it does raise the question of whether an online tarot reading is as accurate as a face-to-face reading.

The basics of a tarot reading are the same for both online and face-to-face interactions; both instances involve a reader, a tarot deck and a person seeking a reading, so all of the essentials remain the same.

The tarot cards that are drawn depend upon the communication between the seeker’s subconscious and the intuition of the reader, two things which are not necessarily inhibited by the distance between them.

In fact, taking an online tarot reading can actually result in a  more accurate and truthful reading as face-to-face tarot readings can sometimes be based on the ‘reader’ utilising their body language reading skills to ask leading questions.

Lastly, psychic forces are not completely tied up with the realms of the physical, so don’t let any distance stop you from seeking the advice that you want.

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