Asking For Angelic Assistance


Divine angelic beings are around us every day, and they are waiting for your instructions. If you could do with some angelic assistance in your life all you have to do is ask.

Common Signs

The angelic realm is always on red alert, and angels will often send you signs of their presence as a gentle reminder. If you experience any or all of the following know that your Guardian angel is by your side.

  • Ringing In Your Ears

A ‘buzzing’ sensation in your ears that is followed by a high pitch sound signifies that angels are trying to communicate with you. If the noise is too loud you can ask the angels to turn it down. Pay attention to the things going on around you, when you experience the angelic buzz. Angels may be trying to get your attention in order to warn you of danger.

  • Body Tingling

Sometimes during meditation, quiet contemplation or prayer you may experience a cool vibrational tingle around your body. This is mostly directed around the head and shoulders and can feel like super gentle touch. This is a sign that your angels are tuning into your energy.

  • Light Flashes

Seeing flashes of light out of your peripheral vision is a sign that you are not alone. These ‘lights’ can appear as sudden brief flashes, twinkling glittery dust or as a glare of white ‘smoke’. This manifestation is confirmation that angels are keeping you company, and can feel hugely comforting for some people.

  • White Feathers

If you have ever wondered how a white feather suddenly appears out of nowhere thank your angels for this sign. A random white feather is tangible, physical evidence of angelic presence around you.

Communicating Directly

If you want to communicate with angels all you have to do is ask.

  • When you need to make a decision ask for a sign of clarity and confirmation
  • Ask for additional protection if you have to go anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Ask your parking angel for a prime parking spot!


The angelic guidance that you seek may appear to you, in form, in something that you read in a book, or that you see on a roadside billboard, or in other random places that seem ‘out of the blue’.


Be An Angel

You may notice that you easily attract people who want to tell you their troubles or secrets. These people may be friends, neighbours, co-workers, or strangers. What is attracting them towards you is your angelic inner light. Don’t panic or worry that you won’t know what to say. Your angels will give you an angelic download so that you can help the person in need.

Complimenting strangers with genuine compliments is another great way to pass on angelic messages. A kind word or two can help lift someone’s spirit at the perfect time.

You can also be an angel by sharing your skills and knowledge with others. Volunteer to help in your community and spread some angel magic wherever you go.

A psychic or spiritual reading can also help you connect with your Guardian angels. Call one of our experienced psychic readers today.



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