7 Signs You’ve Met A Soul Mate

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Soul mate connections are primarily about expanding each other’s worlds. This special relationship helps you to grow and become a better version of you. Contrary to popular belief, a soul mate isn’t necessarily long-term relationship material. A soul mate can be a romantic partner, a close friend, a sibling or family member, or even a pet.
  1. Divine Intervention

When the Universe steps in to align you with a soul mate your initial meeting will appear completely out of the blue. There may be an instant spark between you, an intense feeling of recognition, and/or a sense of divine intervention at work. You may also find that you keep bumping into this amazing new person, and catch yourself unexpectedly day dreaming about them.

  1. Spooky Coincidences

As you begin to get to know each other, a soul mate will share personal details and experiences that resonate deeply with you. These spooky coincidences are the recognition that is shared between people with a soul connection. You may find that you have the same interests, have travelled to the same countries, have lived in the same places, and have many other things in common.

  1. Intense Feelings

Soul mates will usually experience intense emotional feelings towards each other. These feelings may be of a positive romantic nature. Or you may find that your soul mate connection triggers a fight or flight response, due to the challenging karmic lessons that need to be learned.

  1. No Agenda

Unlike other potential partners, a soul mate doesn’t have an agenda. Soul mate connections are built on mutual respect, and both parties usually want what is best for the other person. Most soul mate relationships involve minimal drama, if any at all, and are all about mutual spiritual growth.

  1. Spiritual Understanding

As you work on your own spiritual growth you will become aware that soul mates come in all types of relationships. This spiritual understanding enables you to approach a soul mate connection with an open heart, and an equally open mind. You will also understand that there is as much value in a soul mate connection with a good friend or sibling, as there is in a romantic relationship with the perfect Mr or Ms Right.

  1. Someone Wants To Be With You

A genuine soul mate wants to be around you. This person is intrigued and fascinated by you, and wants to explore the intense karmic connection every bit as much as you do. You both want the same thing and will work together at developing the relationship. Honesty and kindness also play a big part in your shared experiences.

  1. You Become A Better Version Of You

When you’re with a soul mate you naturally feel like you are a better version of you. This is because this person pays attention to the things you say, makes effort to be with you, and makes you feel special. It is important to make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the intense connection though. You can only become a better version of yourself once you let go of all aspects of the old you.

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