What Is The Celtic Cross Spread?



One of the most commonly used spreads in a tarot card reading is the Celtic Cross spread. This traditional 10 card spread can be difficult to interpret, but is favoured by experienced psychic tarot readers and enthusiast beginners alike. The complex spread highlights past, present and future outcomes and also provides deeper insights.

Why The Celtic Cross Spread Is A Popular Choice

It is believed that the Celtic Cross tarot spread originated in Europe, and is in fact a modification of other earlier spreads that were arranged in the form of a cross. The first published reference to this tarot spread was by Arthur Edward Waite in 1910. The cross-shaped arrangement of the 10 tarot cards has remained exactly the same since that time.

Many psychic readers use tarot cards as a tool to help them tune into your energy during a reading. The Celtic Cross spread allows psychic tarot readers to simultaneously focus on 10 key aspects of your life. This enables the reader to interpret the meaning of each tarot card in a way that allows the reading to flow.

If you are a novice reader you will want to study the Tarot and master this popular spread. Besides learning the meaning of each Major and Minor Arcana tarot card, you will also have to learn the placement of the individual tarot cards, and how they relate to surrounding cards.

The Spread

Card 1: The Present

This card represents what is presently happening around the Querent (the person seeking tarot guidance), and may also reflect how the situation is being perceived.

Card 2: The Challenge

This Challenge card is positioned horizontally over the Present card, forming a cross, and represents the immediate problem or issue. Even positive cards will present some kind of challenge.

Card 3: Influences

Below Card 1 sits the card of Foundation or Root Cause.

Card 4: The Past

To the left of Card 1 is the tarot card that represents the events and situations that have lead to the present time.

Card 5: The Future

The card that represents upcoming events is positioned directly above Card 1. This is the next step of the spiritual journey.

Card 6: Possible Outcome

Below Card 1 is the tarot card that represents the Querent’s best possible outcome, regarding the situation.

Card 7: Recommended Approach

The card that represents advice is positioned to the right hand side of the first group of tarot cards, and forms the base of a column of four cards. This card suggests a possible course of action.

Card 8: External Influences

Directly above Card 7 is the tarot card that highlights the energy, people, or events that may impact on the outcome of the question. These external factors are beyond control.

Card 9: Hopes And/Or Fears

Card 9 shows that hopes and fears are often closely intertwined. This card is positioned above Card 8.

Card 10: The Outcome

The final card is placed at the top of the column of 4 cards, and represents where the situation is potentially headed.

When reading the tarot cards in a traditional Celtic Cross spread it is important to remember that each card is influenced by the cards that are situated in close proximity.

To find out what the Celtic Cross spread can reveal for you, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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