How to Cleanse and Protect Your Aura after giving a healing.

Did you know that everyone has their own “Aura”, or “Energy field”? I am lucky enough to be able to see people’s auras and can detect weaknesses in them where perhaps some disease needs healing.

All dis-eases and forms of illness start away from the body and become within the body if this form of imbalance is not healing from the onset.
Eating foods that contain chemicals and steroids, drinking water that has fluoride in it can play havoc with your hormones, your thyroid and your immune system.
When we are busy travelling and going about our everyday tasks and become tired we can become susceptible to other people’s emotions and energy fields. Have you ever sat on a bus and become instantly tired when some has sat next to you? This is usually a sign that they need healing. Say a prayer (to yourself) for them to be healed when they sleep that night, and then ask for your aura to be separated from

For protection in crowded places or if someone is becoming aggressive in your presence, imagine yourself surrounded by a blue light, this is a blue cloak of protective light, that is surrounding you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. This is ideal if you are in a crowded room and are feeling a little anxious or uneasy. If you are more anxious, you can also imagine yourself surrounded by the most powerful Golden light rays that immerse your body and surround you rather like a gold egg shell, rays over your head and down towards your feet. In particular
stressful situations you can imagine yourself surrounded by 3 circles or rays of golden light.


If you ever have a real sense of danger or urgency, or if you meet someone who looks rather shifty and their eyes are moving from side to side for no apart reason, then quickly remove yourself from that person, walk away and as you do so, imagine yourself in the Three Circles of Golden light.

This does really work as it seals your Energy Field and stops any leakage of energy or transfer of energy to and from the other person. If you have been day dreaming, meditating or have not been eating, you can become susceptible to other people’s energy frequencies, in that case, if you cannot eat as you need to travel home, or if you have been performing healing and feel somewhat tired, stand and imagine yourself under the most beautiful white/silver waterfall, move and feel the water and light bathing your body from head to toe, then using your right hand brush your body as if you were removing water away from your body in a downward motion.

Do remember that Energy follows thought, so the intention is the deed.
Don’t worry when you eat, you close off your energy field.
When you dream you open your energy field.

If you feel particularly tired, put off doing our chores and lie in a darkened room with your favourite crystal and ask for healing, ask and you shall receive.
Colour can also be sent to a room or person if they are becoming aggressive,
always send gentle blue and then lilac/purple rays and imagine the person
happy again.

An aggressive person is normally a person who is in great need of healing but does not have the strength of mind to ask for help at that time.

Protect your aura and don’t abuse it: eat well, sleep well and don’t forget to breath!

Written by Reader Nadia #0606

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