Balancing healthy body and healthy mind

When we think of our subconscious, the very thing that we hope to fathom with a love tarot reading, we tend to only think of our mental well being and non-physical selves. However, our subconscious and conscious selves make up our whole being, and both can positively affect each other.

It is often said that those who have a positive attitude towards their situation seem better equipped to deal with illness or injury, just as those who suffer from physical symptoms such as lethargy and obesity often have a negative psychic energy surrounding them.

A healthy body and healthy mind, spirit and soul complement each other, so it’s very important to keep both in good shape. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an exercise nut, but it does mean eating well, refraining from smoking, exercising a reasonable amount and limiting the intake of alcohol.

When it comes to the subconscious, the greatest exercise is to learn how to relax. By relaxing and banishing negative thoughts we automatically feel the potential to generate positive thought, and can also find the energy to do things like exercise and keep ourselves in good shape.

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