What should we take away from nightmares?

We all dream. Even if we cannot always remember what happened, we do sometimes have particularly lucid dreams that we can remember quite clearly the moment that we wake up. However, some of these lucid dreams can occur as terrifying nightmares. The question is this: what should we take away from nightmares?

Lucid dreams in particular can carry important messages for us, particularly about worries that our subconscious may have. In our dreams we can play out different situations in which we deal with our pressing worries, so we pay attention to them.

Nightmares, however, can provide even more worries for us as it is harder to know what to take away from something so negative and terrifying. What we need to do is think about the problem that is resulting in the nightmares, such as potentially unresolved childhood issues or emotional distress in our daily life. Then it is possible to confront these messages and finally move forward with the issues that cause the dreams.

It is recommended to keep a dream diary to record any reoccurrences, but if you do come into trouble with deciphering your dreams, don’t hesitate in taking a free psychic reading to lend a hand.

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