Contacting your Guardian Angel

When we feel troubled there are a number of methods we turn to; talking to a trusted friend, taking a psychic reading, or even contacting our guardian angel. A number of steps are needed to successfully contact your guardian angel, and here is a short summary of these steps.

Meditation is required to bring out your guardian angel, so the first step is to create the right atmosphere by finding a quiet space during a time when you are not busy. Dawn is a very good time to easily sink into a meditative state as our mental pathways tend to be at their clearest then.

Breathe deeply and try to clear your mind; after a few minutes messages from your guardian angel can come through. These can be in the form of words, pictures and more, so be prepared to take some time to interpret your message. Don’t forget to thank your angel before leaving the meditative state, and tell them that you look forward to speaking with them again, which should help make the process quicker next time.

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