Can a tarot reading be negatively influenced?

Can a tarot reading be negatively influencedMany people enjoy taking a tarot reading for the valuable insight and positive guidance that a reading can lend them, but it is sometimes the case that people leave a tarot reading feeling like they have got a negative response. The question that presents itself then is whether or not we can negatively influence a tarot reading.

It is important to remember that a tarot reading is based on the psychic energies produced by our subconscious. If you are feeling particularly negative, then it will be inevitable that the responses of the cards will pick up on this, but this is just part of the guidance process.

What is most important is that the meanings derived from the tarot cards are not necessarily negative. They can be perceived to be negative if you choose to interpret them that way, but if you try to think positively and see the cards as helpful hints on how to move forward, then the only thing that the cards will give you is positive guidance.


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