Can Electronic Communication help Psychic Readings?

Nowadays, more and more of us are relying on electronic forms of communication to keep in touch with people. Whether this is sending an email, a text message, talking over the phone or chatting on a website, we’re deeply intertwined with an entire electrical network that covers the globe.

So what does this mean for psychic communication over long distances? We know that psychic powers can allow people to sense the thoughts and emotions of others at close distances, even though how they do this isn’t clear, and the same is evidently possible over longer distances too, proved by online tarot readings.

One theory is that the electronic devices we use every day can act as conduits to our thoughts. We now know that signals within the brain are based on electricity firing between neurons, and it is possible that these signals are picked up and transmitted via our modern communications network, allowing somebody sensitive to them to pick up the thoughts of others.

Of course, this won’t work at all times. Just as with a tarot reading in person, you must do your best to remain open to the psychic so that they can properly read you. If you are not trying to keep your thoughts open, then you will not broadcast them and they will not be sent through whatever communications you are using.

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