Psychic Reading Questions: Dos & Don’ts


Psychic readings are an opportunity to ask potent questions that you wish to have answered. A psychic or spiritual reader will tune into your energy and connect with spiritual sources that can assist in answering your questions. You can ask whatever question you want. However, the manner in which you phrase the question, and your spiritual energy and intention will influence the insight that you receive.

Careful Consideration

To fully benefit from the one-to-one time that you experience, during a telephone psychic reading, it is important to carefully consider the questions you will ask. To make sure that the answers will give you the clarity and insight that you seek it is essential that you know what to ask a psychic before you make that call.

To get the answers you really need about love, work, money, health and friendships it is best to avoid asking leading questions that give away too much information. After all, it is unhelpful to you if a psychic picks up on your deepest desires and wishes, and gives you answers you were hoping to hear. An empowering psychic reading provides the clarity, insight and guidance that you most need, and this is not necessarily something that you may want to hear.



An experienced psychic reader is able to guide you on your life path, and can help you identify the shortest route to your desired destination. To access this type of spiritual information reading questions should be open-ended in nature. It is also ok to ask one or two “yes” or “no” questions, but aim to make the majority of your questions specific to your topic.

Good examples of open-ended questions include:

  • Can you see any major changes happening in my life?
  • What can you tell me about my love life and/or relationships?
  • What can you tell me about my career?

It is a good idea to begin your psychic reading in a general way. Suggest the topic and allow your psychic reader to tune into the area of your life that you want clarity on. Once they identify that matter you can begin to ask open-ended questions to gain the information that you need. Save “yes” or “no” questions for the end of your psychic reading, or use them when you are running out of reading time.

Do write down your questions on a piece of paper, in advance. Begin with the most important and pressing question, and end your list with the question of least importance.


Whilst it is a good idea to be specific with your questions, posing leading questions should be avoided at all times. You should approach a psychic reading with an open mind and allow spirit to guide you.

  • Don’t push a psychic reader to change what they are telling you so that you feel good about yourself. It is important that you accept the insight and information you are being given, even if it is not to your liking.
  • Don’t let a psychic reader probe you with questions. This is your reading, so it is your role to ask the questions and receive the answers.
  • If you do not understand something that the reader says don’t accept it and rush on to the next question. Ask for clarity, even if this means that you need to ask further questions.
  • You are ultimately in control of the outcome of your psychic reading so don’t be afraid to take charge of the direction of the one-to-one conversation.

To ask your important questions call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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