Choosing flowers to enhance a psychic reading

Choosing flowers to enhance a psychic readingWhen undertaking a psychic reading over the phone or using an instant messenger, the environment which you are in is undoubtedly important. As well as being relaxing and noise-free, the objects surrounding you should be there for a purpose, such as a photo of a loved one if you want to ask questions about that person.

Placing certain flowers in the room can help reflect what you want from a psychic reading, so why not consider putting a bunch of one of these flowers in the room when you next take a psychic reading?

Holly – domestic happiness. Useful if you are facing a few problems at home.

Lavender – distrust. Ideal if you are concerned about the trustworthiness of some people.

Cornflower – anticipation. Best used when you a big event is just around the corner.

Red rose – passionate love. Useful if you are looking for guidance in love.

Peony – healing. When it comes to emotional hurt, the peony can help heal.

Stargazer – ambition. Best used in the run up to business meetings or with general work-related issues.


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