Choosing the right crystal for you

Choosing the right crystal for youCrystals can be a really powerful tool used to enhance a psychic reading, but they are also good to carry around at any time of day thanks to the various properties that they bestow upon the carrier.

Clear quartz – this is a powerful cleansing stone that is known as the ‘master healer’. It absorbs negative energy and is an essential part of any crystal collection as it enhances the strengths of other crystals.

Amethyst – lifts spirits and helps encourage positive thoughts. It can help you break through negative cycles, whether in terms of a bad relationship, addiction or an emotional obsession.

Jade – brings calmness and serenity to life. It is also lucky and can bring new friends into your life. Placing a piece underneath your pillow can also help your remember and interpret dreams.

Rose Quartz – known as the stone of love, the rose quartz can help ease the pain of a broken heart and heal relationship scars. It is also said to speed recovery from illnesses.

Labradorite – helps carriers make positive changes in their lives. It brings clarity when seeking the truth and eliminates stress when times get tough.


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