How To Clear Your Karma for 2016


Karma governs your experience of life. According to the spiritual Laws of Karma you must balance your checkbook of action and reaction before you can graduate from the perpetual cycle of birth, death and rebirth – known as samsara. The more karma you clear, the easier your path and life experiences become.

Clearing your 2015 karma before embarking on a New Year means that you can set aside unfinished spiritual business and begin 2016 with a clean slate.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the energy of all of the experiences that your soul has collected through many, many lifetimes and reincarnations. This accumulated ‘information’ is based on action and reaction and is carried forward from one lifetime into the next. The saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ perfectly sums up the Laws of Karma. What you do, you will pay for, so be mindful of your words and deeds.

Why You Should Let Karma Go

Clearing karma is like sweeping through your home with a magical, high-powered broom. Your home feels thoroughly cleansed and your energy becomes instantly lighter and brighter. When karma is neglected, countless actions and thoughtless words accumulate to create stagnant energy. This blocks your progress through life. In effect, karma holds you back so that you repeat the cycles of learning in order to clear each and every karmic debt.

The more diligent you are with your clearing the more karma you will work through, and the greater the spiritual progress will be. Keeping a clean and tidy home requires constant attention in order to minimise the build up of new, fresh karma that you will collect every single day.

It is important to remember that everything you do and say adds or detracts from your karmic debt. To start 2016 in a positive, karmic-free way you must let go of the karma from 2015.

How To Release Karma

People and situations are tied to you via invisible spiritual threads. This is baggage that you carry around with you from day to day, year in and year out. Unresolved issues that date back years are connected to your energy field until you are ready to acknowledge and accept them, in order to finally cut the ties.

To release the karma from 2015 you must meditate on each of the karmic threads that you want to cut and clear. Think of it as pruning. Consider the people you have connected with throughout 2015, and your actions and reactions.

Find a quiet place for meditation and make a ‘clearing’ list. Ground yourself and focus on bringing up the feelings you have towards a particular person or situation you have experienced in the past. Acknowledge feelings of hurt and emotional pain – this is the karma that you need to let go of.

Visualise your spiritual body. See your energy as a subtle light surrounding your body. Now look at the tangle of ethereal karmic threads that connect your body to other people. Set the intention to cut the individual threads and sever the karmic link to one person at a time. When you have summoned up the feelings and are ready to disconnect simply say: “I cut the karma now.”

As you disconnect visualise your energy being released from the threads and coming back to your body. Repeat this exercise until you have cleared all of the 2015 karma on your list.




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