Colour Healing For Your Home




Your surroundings greatly influence your energy and experiences. In a home environment the colours that you choose to decorate and accessorise with each have a unique vibrational energy that can influence your mood, enjoyment and emotions. Colour attracts and detracts positive and negative energy.

In the same way that colour is effectively used to transform the way you feel, when wearing particular items of clothing, it can also be used to heal your home.

How Does Colour Healing Work?

Have you ever walked into a room that is decorated in soft shades of pale blue and felt instantly calm and relaxed? That is because the vibrational energy of the colour blue is a calming influence on your energy.

Healing your home with colour is easy to do and produces quick and effective results. You do not have to completely redecorate to benefit from the positive colour vibes. If your budget is tight you can introduce specific colours in the form of flowers, candles and soft furnishings.

If you want to improve the energy in your home it is important to remember that splashing the walls with colour won’t make a difference if your home is untidy and disorganised. To really benefit from transformative colour healing you must also declutter your space.

Colour Vibes

Check our colour guide to find the perfect match for your home:


Red is a power colour that is associated with life, vitality, passion and sex. This colour stimulates the heart rate and has the slowest and longest vibration of all colours.

Positive: Red stimulates circulation and appetite. Due to its energising and motivating qualities it is ideal for overcoming depression and negativity.

Negative:  Red is associated with anger, irritability and impatience. Avoid if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions or epilepsy.


Soothing and calming pink promotes a feeling of emotional nurturing and warmth. Pink reduces feelings of aggression and alleviates vulnerability and oversensitivity. It is the colour that is associated with unconditional love.  Positive: Pink calms the spirit, clears the mind and reduces stress and tension. It also promotes kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

Negative: No negative associations.


Violet has the shortest vibrational wavelength of all colours. It is associated with artistic endeavours, creativity, spirituality, sensitivity and compassion.  Violet and other purple shades encourage contemplation, meditation and purpose.

Positive: Violet stimulates the imagination and promotes empathy, intuition, clarity and confidence. This colour is also beneficial for psychological disorders, stress and anxiety and for overcoming low self-esteem.

Negative: Can induce nightmares. Avoid if you have issues with addiction.


Orange is a vibrant, happy colour that helps to release emotions. It stimulates the mind and lifts the spirit, making it a natural anti-depressant. Zesty orange also promotes independence, confidence and happiness.

Positive: Orange is associated with vitality and is therefore effective in stimulating confidence, self-esteem, inner strength, optimism, creativity and self-expression. It is an excellent colour choice for overcoming depression and confidence issues and can also help with bereavement.

Negative: Can induce nausea, anger and irritability.


Uplifting and cheerful yellow stimulates the mind, intellect and emotions and encourages the expression of thoughts. It also aids memory and decision-making.

Positive: Yellow is great for improving self-confidence, willpower and self-control.

Negative: Insomnia and hyperactivity can be exacerbated by this sunny shade.


Associated with purity, white contains all the colours of the spectrum. It promotes peace and alleviates despair and emotional trauma. Too much white however, can be isolating.

Positive: White is cleansing and clarifying. It is good for headaches and sleep problems.

Negative: No negative associations.


Green has a strong affinity with nature. It is the colour of balance and helps us feel connected to others and nature. Green promotes feelings of relaxation, calmness, comfort and space.

Positive: Self-acceptance and compassion for self and others can be improved by surrounding yourself with green. This colour is also good for stress, fear, confusion and physical health problems.

Negative: No negative associations.


Spiritual blue has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It is good for creativity and encourages the exploration of intuition.

Positive: Feelings of calm, peace and relaxation are promoted by shades of blue. This colour is good for reducing stress, headaches, insomnia and obsessions.

Negative: Avoid if you have depression.

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