Combining the pendulum with a tarot reading

Combining the pendulum with a tarot readingTarot cards are just one method of psychic reading that mediums use, joining techniques such as angel card reading, crystal reading and pendulum swinging. Some psychics choose to combine methods and one such popular combination is when using a pendulum to choose tarot cards.

This different method need not alarm anyone looking for a tarot reading however; if a psychic knows that they have strong psychic energy whilst using a number of different techniques then this will only strengthen the clarity of your reading.

The pendulum also makes a great amplifier for subconscious energies. Remember that a tarot reading helps seekers gain some insight into their deep subconscious, so a pendulum is the ideal tool for making these aspects of the subconscious clearer for the tarot card reader to discern.

Just remember that there are plenty of different divination techniques to be found in the world, and when looking for a psychic reading, you have the power to choose whatever method you want.


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