What can we take away from doomsday predictions?

What can we take away from doomsday predictionsThe biggest doomsday prediction of the century passed in December when the world did not end on 21st December. As well as meaning that we can all keep enjoying the benefits of a love tarot reading, it does beg the question of why some people make doomsday predictions.

Some people put the large number of doomsday predictions down to the fact that we want an explanation for our presence on Earth and for the world around us, with doomsday acting as a confirmation that something else is in charge of our lives.

The 21st December doomsday prediction came from the Mayan calendar which stopped abruptly on that date. Of course, there are many explanations for that, something which we will never know.

What is common about all of these things is that we are continually faced with uncertainty about life. The positive aspect that we can take from doomsday predictions is that it teaches us to appreciate every day that we have on earth, doing what we can to achieve happiness. Although they may incite fear in many of us, there is always time to carpe diem and look for positive insight from a tarot reading.


Image Credit: eperales (flickr.com)

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