Connecting with your inner child

Connecting with your inner childMany people have heard of the concept of the inner child, something which can often come up in a psychic reading as well. To some, the inner child manifests itself as a feeling that you aren’t being true to yourself, and in others as an overwhelming desire to let something within you be revealed to others.

We often forget that we have an inner child within us, an entity that needs love and attention and is prepared to try out new things and ideas. The inner child is part of the subconscious, and it is important that we sometimes let that side of ourselves see the light, but the inner child is particularly good at expressing itself when we feel angry or hurt. We tend to keep this bottled up, which is where speaking to your inner child can help.

It couldn’t be easier to talk to your inner child; simply sit down in a calm and reflective space and talk to yourself in the simple terms that one might use with a child. Letting this anger out and talking about it is the first step to thinking positively again.


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