A spell for Assertive Communication

A friend of mine was getting really fed up of people interrupting him during conversation and talking over him. He was too polite and shy to be as outspoken and loud as his friends, family and colleagues, and didn’t want to appear rude or aggressive. So (with his blessing) I made a crystal charm for him to wear to help empower his energies.


Spell Timing


•Wednesday (influence of Mercury Hermes, Ancient Greek God of Communication) 

•waxing moon (for growing confidence increasing assertiveness)

What you’ll need:

•sodalite crystal (cleansed prior to this spell)

•yellow candle (self-esteem, confidence, communication)


Prepare yourself, cleanse your space and cast a Circle.

Bless the crystal in the four elements of your sacred space.


Inscribe the name of ‘Hermes’ on the candle and light it.


Hold your Sodalite crystal in your receptive hand (left for right dominants, right for lefties) to your Throat chakra, close your eyes and ask with pure intention:


“Hermes, I call upon you at this hour,

Charge this stone with articulate power

God of Words that thou art,

May I speak what’s in my heart

And when I begin to talk,

Let no-one interrupt or walk

May others listen to what is spoken,

Their attention captured and patience unbroken

Great God Hermes, hear my call,

When I speak may silence fall.”

Take a few moments to visualise people you know really listening and being interested in what you say, smiling and nodding and thinking about what you have to tell them. Imagine them stopping themselves from interrupting you, waiting for an appropriate time to ask questions and give their input.

Give your thanks to Hermes (you may like to leave a small offering such as a feather) and safely part the circle, supervising the candle while it burns out.

Wear the sodalite as a necklace near your Throat chakra or carry it with you in your pocket to attune to the stone’s vibrations during social situations-empower yourself!


By Tahlia #0450

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