Declutter To Let Abundance Flow


Stagnant energy is a major contributing factor to blocks in the manifestation of abundance. Clutter, mess and general disorganisation creates a discouraging energy that has the same low vibration as negative thoughts, emotions and toxic people. What you surround yourself with impacts on your personal energy and spiritual vibration in a positive or negative way. If you want to improve your flow of abundance get ready to declutter your life and home.

Underlying Personal Issues

Personal issues that are not explored or resolved can manifest in your life in a number of negative ways. Attachment to clutter and mess is an emotional condition that can lead to stress and depression. The hoarding of possessions reflects a more serious obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People who are messy and disorganised often feel anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, helpless and generally out of control. They surround themselves with clutter because subconsciously the mess hides a multitude of problems and issues. Resolving underlying personal issues takes time and patience, but can positively begin with the clearing of physical space and the release of negative emotions.

Home Is Where The Mess Is

The appearance of a home reflects the people who live in it. A happy home is usually tidy and clean with everything in its place. A home that is unkempt, cluttered or lacking in attention to cleanliness is likely to be occupied by people who are stressed, unhappy or suffering from emotional trauma or chronic pain of some kind.

Many people believe that you must surround yourself with possessions in order to feel good about life and yourself. However, the reality is that owning more things creates more anxiety. Letting go of clutter removes some of the emotional baggage that is carried around. Freeing up your physical space, by weeding out unwanted and unnecessary items, simplifies your life and creates a positive change.

Make Room For Abundance

Owning fewer possessions is easier than organising more. In order to let abundance flow into your life it is necessary to make room. If you want to manifest financial wealth, a new relationship, career advancement etc you must make physical space in your world. Letting go lets positive energy flow and brings your desired manifestation into creation.

Start by decluttering a small space so that the task does not overwhelm you. Once you have a tidy drawer or cupboard you’ll feel inspired to tackle a larger mess. Create new habits that encourage regular decluttering. The more possessions you tidy away or let go of the lighter and brighter your manifesting energy will become.

Practical Decluttering Tips

  • Start small by clearing out a single drawer or cupboard
  • Get into the habit of putting things away
  • Pack away items you seldom use
  • Dispose of, or donate items, that you no longer need or want
  • Store items in containers and boxes for minimal visual clutter
  • Teach children, and partners, to take responsibility for their own mess
  • Adopt a regular 15-20 minute decluttering routine – once a day or once a week
  • Address underlying emotional issues that feed your collecting habit
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