Develop a psychic link with your partner

LoversFalling in love is one of the most wonderful and rewarding things you can do in life, and you will find that physically and emotionally dedicating yourself to your partner comes quite naturally. But what about the strongest connection of all: psychically?

We all find connections with each other through our subconscious minds, most often felt as a ‘gut feeling’ or through ‘vibes’ that we pick up from others. Sometimes, we tune out certain people in our lives who give off negative feelings, and this is when our psychic shields come into play. A strong psychic connection with your partner involves trusting someone enough to put down the psychic shield.

Whilst a relationship develops and you begin to start feeling like you may have found your soul mate, your psychic shield will start to come down little by little. Even if you have differences of opinion or hobby, the subconscious mind will appreciate your similarities and differences.

Taking an online tarot reading can help reaffirm that your partner and you are psychically connected, but you can also look out for other signs, such as finishing each others sentences or answering a phone and knowing they are on the other end before they even speak.

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