Different types of ghost

Different types of ghostThe world of tarot readings can sometimes be related to the world of ghosts, often in the form of someone seeking the advice of a tarot reader after believing that they have seen a ghost. To help you understand a little more about ghosts, here is a summary of the two different types of ghost we tend to see.

First, there is the interactive ghost. This is the kind of spirit that comes from the body of a deceased human, normally a friend or family member. Often seen in dreams as well as real life, the interactive ghost uses sights, sounds and smells to make itself known, using perfume or aftershave for instance. Many take comfort in the fact that the ghost version of the deceased person has the same characteristics and psychic energy as the person did in life.

Second, there is the non-interactive ghost. This is the kind of ghost that appears in developed photos rather than making itself known through physical appearance. This kind of ghost tends to be found in haunted buildings and will often repeat certain actions, such as turning on and off a light or making objects move.


Image Credit: ‘David (flickr.com)

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