Enhancing a psychic or tarot reading with ribbons

Enhancing a psychic or tarot reading with ribbonsAs well as pendulums, crystals and objects of sentimental value, there are a number of special objects which can be used to enhance a love tarot reading. The latest object which has been gaining a lot of attention in the psychic world is the humble ribbon. Whilst being a more recent addition to the plethora of psychic objects, it is believed to be particularly helpful for those who are new to psychic readings.

The most important element of ribbon use is the colour and pattern of the material. As with chakras and auras, colour reflects our psychic energies and personalities. Polka dots can indicate a creative personality and smooth, silky ribbons a perfectionist. In terms of colour, green for love and purple for psychic gifts are just some examples.

Although some psychics like to use ribbons as their medium, getting a ribbon for your own psychic reading can help you focus on yourself and your feelings, thus amplifying your psychic energies for the clairvoyant or tarot reader.


Image Credit: cortneymartin82 (flickr.com)

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